The Machine Learning
Deployment Platform for Teams.

TeachableHub is a fully-managed platform bringing ML teams together to deploy, serve, and share impactful models as public or private APIs(a.k.a. Teachables) with ZERO MLOps, seamless scalability, and no costly infrastructure.

What is Teachable?

Created to make a difference, inspired by the open community spirit.

Teachable - [/ˈtiːtʃəb(ə)l/] - noun - A powerful machine learning model deployed as a REST, gRPC or GraphQL API, entirely documented, available to be consumed by any server-side or client-side applications. It can be published privately or shared in public for the community's benefit.

How it works?

You create meaningful models, we give you powerful tools and infra to deploy and host them.
Together we change the future!

Deploy in Seconds

Connect your model from anywhere, using any framework, deploy it as an API & share it with the world. Versioning, model validation, and more available out of the box.

  • Zero Docker knowledge required
  • Ready to use API with no coding
  • From POC to production in no time

Serve at Scale

Securely serve & instantly scale Teachables on our fully-managed serverless infrastructure. Forget about MLOps tasks, underutilized resources, and infra costs.

  • Infinite scalability & storage
  • Fast performance and high availability
  • Pay as you go according to your needs

Manage & Collaborate

Monitor, manage, and control model usage and performance in production, set ACLs & permissions - all from a centralized hub side by side with your entire ML team.

  • Intuitive, yet powerful UI/UX
  • 360° view of your model's performance
  • Effortless collaboration with custom workflows

Use on Any Platform

For each model, you get a fully documented & ready to use API you can easily connect with any web, mobile, commerce, or backend platform via our modern SDKs.

  • Your models available as a microservice
  • Omnichannel delivery of your predictions
  • Effortless and simple integration

Let's deploy models in under 10 minutes

TeachаbleHub brings teams together!

Deploy & Share models freely as public APIs, infra costs are on us!
Our solution is available as a Managed Cloud Service or an On-Premise version
suitable for any infrastructure supporting Kubernetes.

What does it cost?

Deploy & share models freely as public APIs, infra costs are on us!



Ideal for innovators, freelancers, university practitioners, students, and visionaries building open projects.

  • Unlimited Public Teachables
  • Unlimited Collaborators
  • 10 Inferences/Sec
  • CPU Runtime
  • SSL Protection
  • Custom Domains
  • Community Support
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Ideal for teams of all sizes, app agencies, enterprises organizations, and professionals working on projects at scale.

  • All from Community
  • Unlimited Private Teachables
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Unlimited Inferences/Sec
  • GPU Runtime
  • Model Versioning
  • Multiple Environments
  • 360° Performance Monitoring
  • 24/7/365 Business Support
  • and more out of the box

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